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TENA is a Swedish-based brand of Essity that specializes in products for adults with urinary or fecal incontinence, such as pads and diapers. TENA also produces a youth diaper brand for teenagers and larger children. The company has offices in all of North America, most of Europe, in Australia and New Zealand, and some parts of Asia and Central America. TENA has specific lines for retail and hea


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Current Employee - Auditor says

"No real career path exists. Management are almost all lifers. When a position does finally open it seems to be filled by someone based on two criteria: are their numbers good and whether they quietly follow instruction. No consideration seems to be given to knowledge, character, leadership ability or talent, or any other attribute that may bring positive change. Ground troops are generally in a state of aggravation and alarm that they aren't effecient enough while leadership exist in a bubble disconnected. There is no real vision for organizational development; just micro mitigate to maintain the status quo. Parking is cramped, get in early or park in a rented out lot. Effective proactive communication is lacking. The only instruction received after initial training is in the form of, "do you see this thing you did last month? You did it wrong." The work environment is quiet with no social activities. No introductions to new people. People eat at their desk, avoid disturbing co-workers, then go home without saying a word."

Current Employee - Auditor says

"This place used to be a great place to work for 3 years ago. Now management is in disarray, employee morals are at an all time low. Great managers are being let go and are replaced by people who have no idea what to do but are liked by senior management. It has become like another LPS field service company where management doesn't care for their employees and employees are only there because they are now stuck. Can't wait for another Wells Fargo great migration. This time around all your loyal employees who stuck with you through thick and thin will be the first to jump ship because YOU bailed on them first!"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Unorganized, and you CANNOT talk in the dept. You HAVE to whisper because someone will complain about being too loud, like serious? That was a complete culture shock for me. Everyone audits "their" way, theres no proper training. The editors will most likely write up the auditors for an audit that was never addressed. Even if the editors know what to look for they will NOT let the auditors know, so there is proper auditing done, I was told management had addressed that editors NOT say anything. Bogus. Also, They only promote people they favor, so goodluck waiting for advancement. Half the time those managers dont know what they're doing. You can go weeks without an answer to a question you asked. There is definitely a disconnect somewhere between these roles."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Extreme micro-management, unfriendly supervisors, and the moral at TenA is very depressing. Interaction with co-workers is not acceptable unless you are a supervisor. The divide between auditors and supervisors is very apparent. Small company so not much room to grow."

Former Employee - Pre-auditor says

"One of the worst working environments I have ever worked in. No team activities or interaction"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Isolating, confusing interior layout for new hires, odd aesthetics, small bathrooms, HR sends released employee/contractor notifications to everyone"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Atmosphere is dry and very production driving. Talking too much to your coworkers is frowned up on"

Mortgage Servicing Auditor says

"Inadequate training. Employees are expected to be able to utilize numerous servicing systems without being trained on how to use all of the systems and sub servicing systems. The office setting lacked a feeling of community. Outwardly discouraged from asking co-workers any work-related questions. Would sometimes go several days without even so much as a "hello" from my manager. Predisposed (almost exclusively) toward hiring former Black Knight and Wells Fargo employees."

Post-Closing Audit Supervisor says

"No real career path and little opportunity for advancement. Senior management has a hard time executing. Poor decision making regarding corporate partnerships. Morale is very low for the entry level and mid-level workforce."


"some people of management should not have had so much power/authority due to their lack of knowledge and expertise. And the micro-managing sucked!"

St. Paul, MN (Former Employee) says

"They will hire anyone willing to work in a cube all day with no contact with other employees. You will be expected to "audit" post-closing mortgages at a pace that is unreasonable to anyone who values doing a job well vs. fast. If you make a mistake due to trying to stay on pace, you will be blamed for it rather than management realistically reducing the audit quotas. They are constantly training new employees in a 6 month "training" program because no one sticks around.good hourly wage and benefits, flexible hours.management, unreasonable quotas, no interaction with people"

Mortgage Auditor (contract) says

"A typical day at work was boring and bland with no changes from day to day. The work was repetitive and unrealistic production goals were implemented which caused employee short-cuts in order to meet them."

Servicing Auditor (Former Employee) says

"If you want soul-sucking, repetitive job with a company that only cares about how quickly you can get through audits then this is the place for you! If you want a place where you can go an entire day without speaking a word to anyone, you might like it! I could handle the independence of the work if it wasn't for the painfully monotonous every-day-of-your-life-is -the-exact-same feeling I got while being there. Aside from that, the pay is ok, but the benefits are weak. The managers only care about your file times, which makes you have to be in a file working at ALL TIMES. I made it six months."

Financial Auditor (Current Employee) says

"silent like a library without too much interaction, but no politics or drama. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone but the people are nice. There is a large amount of pressure put on time and production without a ton of variety. It can be mentally draining."

Auditor (Former Employee) says

"Very distracting and stressful work environment. The work environment and work task was very focused and sterile. I found that others around me were not conducive to this work environment and were very distracting which was also my biggest work challenge day in and day out."

Quality Control Auditor (Current Employee) says

"Working at TENA Co is fine. You come in and do your job without management bothering you. The schedule is flexible since your job doesn't depend on anyone else. The biggest issue with the company is it's size. Not much room to grow in the organization. Personal growth is necessary and because of the lack of room to grow it can become frustrating.flexible scheduleexpensive health benefits for family"

Mortgage Servicing Auditor (Former Employee) says

"Often times, once finished with specific training, it would be discovered that most of what we had been instructed did not apply to certain clients. Unfortunately, as auditors, we wouldn't be advised of these circumstances until the following month and therefore would receive negative marks against our audits. We were often encouraged to ask questions but, we rarely received answers that fully explained or resolved issues we may have been having.Fun opportunities throughout the year to contribute to local charities by way of fund raising.Lack of communication"

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